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Band Members

Porcelain Primate consists of two guitarists and singer/bassist and a drummer.

Lee Overton

'Ovi' plays lead and rhythm guitar and is inspired by Pantera, The Darkness, Metallica and Funeral for a friend.

Ovi now plays a B.C.Rich Warlock through a Kitty Hawk100W amp with Laney head and Zoom effects. (Previously Hofner Les Paul guitar)

  Louise Tapp

Louise is the drummer of Porcelain Primate. She likes lots of music and can play about a million instruments too. She rocks!

David Wellstead

Welly plays mostly rhythm guitar with some leads. His inspirations include Hell is for Heros, Lost Prophets, Billy Talent, Incubus.

Welly plays a Cort G250LH with an Orange 100W amp with a Vox 395 preamp. Ibanaz and digitech effects.

Oli Brazier

Ollie is Porcelain Primate's vocalist and sometimes bass player! He likes many types of music, metallica, incubus, QOTSA and many more!